Thursday, 2 April 2015

Easter Fun!

The uni shuts for a few days tomorrow which is upsetting, so this is a quick update before I take those few days to ponder the human’s role on this planet, space and all of the world’s problems (or just play xbox, yeah, xbox.)

What a wild week!

Not really,
logo for the evil corperation featured in my game idea (sounds like galactic, oooh clever bean.)

Weapon design. something I may remove, dont really want a huge amount of ranged fighting in this.

Big burly miner guy, still working on this one.

Started work on the enemy soldiers, some outfit concepts right here.
...And some helmet designs

Final turnaround with colour concept, final posed concept to come!

Zbrush is tough, this is supposed to be a scavenger character, spent about 10-15 hours on him so far and he still looks like a glitch. Oh well, keep going....

Thats all for now! Enjoy easter and eat chocolate and do easter things!!

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